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  Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand. Revelation 1:3

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  Lesson TOPIC   Lesson TOPIC
  1 Wake Up America!   26 The Angel of the Lord
  2 The Purpose and Process   27 The Author and Finisher of Salvation
  3 Who is Jesus   28 Salvation through Justification
  4 The Temple of Jesus   29 Salvation and Predestination
  5 The Plan of Salvation Part I   30 The Sealing
  6 The Plan of Salvation Part II   31 What was Nailed to the Cross
  7 What time is it? Part I   32 God's Covenants
  8 What time is it? Part II   33 What Happened to the Lord's Day
  9 What time is it? Part III   34 From Sabbath to Sunday
  10 The Day of Judgment Part I   35 Parallel Temples
  11 The Day of Judgment Part II   36 Parallel Temple Services
  12 Introduction to Revelation   37 What Happens at Death
  13 The Seven Seals   38 Which is Next A Rapture or the Second Coming
  14 The Seven Trumpets Part I   39 The Seventh Millennium
  15 The Seven Trumpets Part II   40 Gods Eternal Law
  16 The Two Witnesses   41 Daniel A Test of Loyalty
  17 Two Beasts in Revelation Part I   42 A Faith More Precious Than Gold
  18 Two Beasts in Revelation Part II   43 Esther Beautiful Savior
  19 Two Beasts in Revelation Part III   44 Gideon Reluctant Warrior
  20 The Faith of Jesus   45 Elisha the Tishbite
  21 The Close of Probation   46 Saul Good Heart Wrong Head
  22 The Seven Last Plagues   47 John the Baptizer
  23 The Gift of Prophecy   48 Pilates Judgment
  24 The Making of the Remnant   49 Noah and the Pig Pen
  25 Who is Jesus?   50 Moses and the Mark of the Beast

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